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Add InfoIQ SafeLink ID

Adds a new InfoIQ SafeLink ID to allow your dealership to send data to Digital Motorworks. See the "Adding a New SafeLink ID" section for details.

Add DMS Server

Adds new DMS server definition. See the "Adding a New DMS Server" section for details.


Restart Service

Restart the SafeLink service. Refer to the "Stopping or Restarting the InfoIQ SafeLink Service" section.


DMS Servers

Modify existing DMS servers, accounts, and login credentials. See the "Editing Existing DMS Servers or Accounts" section for details.

Proxy Settings

Modify SafeLink's use of proxy settings for making Internet connections. Refer to the "Controlling InfoIQ SafeLink Proxy Settings" section.

SafeLink Administrator Info

Edit the contact information for your designated SafeLink administrator. See the "Updating Administrator Contact Information" section for details.


Online Help

Display the online help for InfoIQ SafeLink.


Show version and support information for the InfoIQ SafeLink application. Find contact information for SafeLink Support and the SafeLink Site ID #.