Configuring the InfoIQ SafeLink Application

Before you begin:

You should have received at least one SafeLink ID from Digital Motorworks. If not, contact DMi Support.


To configure the InfoIQ SafeLink application for your dealership:

  1. When you first install SafeLink, a wizard interface guides you through from steps 2 onward below. If you have previously installed SafeLink, you can begin the configuration process by following these steps.

    1. Double-click the InfoIQSafeLinkManager.exe executable in the installation folder. OR
      Right-click the icon in the system tray and choose Open InfoIQ SafeLink Manager from the context menu.

    2. Choose the Add New InfoIQ SafeLink ID option from the File menu.


  2. Type your SafeLink ID into the textboxes in the Enter InfoIQ SafeLink ID screen and then press the Next > button.


  3. In the Confirm Dealer Information screen, review the dealership information displayed.

  4. In the InfoIQ SafeLink Installer/Administrator Contact Info screen, enter the contact information for the local administrator whom Digital Motorworks should contact regarding important InfoIQ SafeLink announcements. Press the Next > button.


  5. In the Location of InfoIQ SafeLink PC screen, you are prompted to enter information about the location of the computer on which you have installed SafeLink. This information could be useful to DMi Support for diagnosing and resolving any installation or performance problems. After entering the location details, press the Next > button.


  6. In the Automatic Updates screen the Next > button to continue.  We recommend that you keep this enabled so that you don’t miss important updates to the SafeLink software.


  7. Next enter the IP address of the DMS server. When your DMS server's IP address is properly entered, press the Next > button.


  8. If you do not know that IP address, press the Get Help finding your DMS IP address button. Please exit all applications other than the InfoIQ SafeLink installer. Log directly into your DMS server and press the I'm ready to press detect my DMS button shown below, while stilled logged into your DMS server. When your DMS server's IP address is properly entered, press the Next > button in the DMS Server Network Location screen. If SafeLink is not able to locate your DMS, please contact SafeLink Support.


  9. The SafeLink Engine will now start..


  10. If necessary, the system will prompt you to configure one or more data subscriptions. See the "Configuring a Data Subscription" section for complete details. Otherwise, a success screen displays. Press OK to finish the setup process.


  11. The SafeLink Manager will open.  All program connections should be listed as "Configured" in the Status column  If they are not, please contact SafeLink Support.